Monday, October 31, 2005

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One day a Pharisee returned home to find his chariot in the middle of the road. The front of his chariot was damaged. He observed that the back of the neighbor's new chariot was likewise damaged. The neighbor's chariot was legally parked in her driveway in the same place it had been when the Pharisee left that morning.

As the Pharisee was comtemplating these things, the neighbor came to the Pharisee. "I believe one of your children has damaged my new chariot. My chariot has not left my driveway all day. I was inside my dwelling when I heard a loud noise and hastened outside. Though I could not clearly see who was in the chariot, it did appear to be several of your offspring. They then did escape inside your dwelling where they ran inside and now will not answer my knocking. I have waited for you to arrive so I could ask you to ask your children what happened and who is responsible. You must also know that your children became enraged the other day when I admonished them to live a holy life."

The Pharisee frowned and then said to his neighbor, "This will be a very difficult crime to solve, if indeed it is a crime. You know that I am the Father of many children. Though few knew where the spare set of keys to my chariot were, who knows who could have taken them while I was away? But I tell you, I shall enter my house and ask my children what they know."

So the Pharisee entered his abode, but did not return. The neighbor heard nothing from the Pharisee nor from his children. When the neighbor again knocked upon his door, the Pharisee merely sent his servant to the door who took great offense at her. "What have we to do with you, Woman? The Pharisee has given you his answer! He will not discuss it further!"

In anger, the neighbor sent for the Magistrate. The Pharisee continued to refuse to answer all questions, even when asked by the Magistrate. When his children were asked, they replied with one voice, "We don't remember!" The Pharisee then turned to the Magistrate, "There, you have your answer! My children are busy. I am busy. We are all very busy. You cannot expect us to remember every little detail of our busy, important lives! Now, be gone. I am through with you!"

"That is not an acceptable answer!" said the Magistrate. "Hypocrite! I have a prison cell ready for you and your children where there will be much weeping and nashing of teeth!" And so, Magistrate Fitzgerald locked them all up where they had many hours and days and years to fight amongst themselves and decide who amongst them was the biggest dunce!


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