Thursday, September 29, 2005

Republican Women Who Have Benefited from Progressives

I am continually amazed by the number of Republican women who have benefited from the hard-fought rights that progressive women and men have fought for over the years, but who do not hesitate to fight just as fiercely to resind those same rights to other women.

In Minnesota, there are numerous women in high places who are only there due to these hard-fought battles. The list is long, but to name just a few who are currently in jobs that they would never have held otherwise : Judge Mary Pawlenty (wife of Governor Tim Pawlenty); Lt. Governor Carol Malnau; Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer; State Auditor Patricia Anderson (Awada). Their daughters and granddaughters are able to participate in numerous athletic activities due to progressive legislation. These women are able to pursue high-powered careers and have time to spend with their families due to progressives. I do not dispute that these women are bright and are hard workers. However, those would be mute points if it were not for the progressives who pushed for passage of some of the very same laws they they seem so determined to trivialize.

A Star Tribune columnist Katherine Kersten is obsessed with trying to prove that liberals and progressives are the enemies of the People. She either is blind to (or hopes the reader will be blind to) the very fact that she would not be a columnist for the Star Tribune were it not for the very progressives she loathes.

These women are happy to talk about all the complaining liberals do. However, we would like to hear a little gratitude from these women every once in awhile. Seems like since they owe their jobs to liberals, it's the least they could do!


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